CO2 Laser Cutting Machine - X series ( JBCL-XS / JBCL-XM / JBCL-X )

















        Laser tube
           1.When the working current is 4mA and

               the tube is in the state of pre-ionization,

               the laser can be used for high-frequency

               impulse engraving. 
2.The product is featured for working under

                large power rate and long service time,

                which is suitable for the cutting of knife

                mold machine and thick acrylic sheet.







Japan Panasonic Servo Motor
1. The robust performance of SGM7G meets the increased    

    power demand of large automation components. 
2. Rated torques in the SGM7G family range up to 95.2

    N-m (840 in-lb). 
3. SGM7G delivers a rated speed of 1500 rpm, delivering a  

    rapid and consistent throughput over a wide power range.
4. 24-bit encoder resolution maintains industry-leading

    positional accuracy across the power spectrum.






               It features equal load ratings in the radial, reverse

               radial, lateral directions, and self-aligning to absorb

               Thus, the HG series linear guideline is characterized

               with long service life with high speed, high accuracy

               and smooth linear motion.










WIFI wireless control
1. Convenient - Wireless control High 
2. efficiency - One PC can control more than one set machines










Common specifications






Comparison of model specifications