5 axis PC Base CNC Controller
Description: The High Value Priced 3~5 axis CNC Milling Controller!

CNC Control System for Machine Tool Applications

The WinDelta Control system is a PC-based, fully closed loop CNC control solution featuring advanced motion control, built-in software PLC, and a Windows-based HMI. The CNC hardware can be configured for up to 5-axis simultaneous motion control using an analog voltage command interface or an optional digital interface. The system includes standard built-in motion, PLC, and HMI modules, with the capability for custom development.



  • Support 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Fits the discontinuous blocks into a smooth-curve path.
  • Improve the path symmetry.
  • Advance the ability to resist the resonance of machines.
  • Support 3D tool length compensation feature.
  • Tool tip always on the perpendicular against product contour. (RTCP)

CNC Controller function-1

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CNC Controller specification-1

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